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Kenwood chef mixer potato peeler attachment AT444 Kenwood chef mixer potato peeler attachment AT444
Kitchen Machine AT444 Chef Potato Peeler Attachment (Chef)

A potato peeler attachment for your Kenwood mixer is just the thing you're after if you find the time consuming task of peeling spuds by hand a chore. Potatoes and any other root vegetables can be peeled using this attachment, or just washed & scrubbed.

Excellent for cleaning Jersey Royal Potatoes

Rough surface in the bowl removes outer layer but leaves healthy nutrients just below surface.

Abrasive teeth and rotating paddles for great results on potatoes and carrots.

The Kenwood Chef and Major can be customised by adding any of the optional attachments to suit different tastes and skill levels. Kenwood Chef & Major attachments have been developed to deliver good, consistent results time after time.
Type: AT444
PLEASE NOTE: Suitable for Chef style Potato peelers only
1kg Food capacity
Bowl outlet
Quick and convenient, easy to assemble and simple to clean
Size: 17.5 x 23.0 x 23.5 (cm)
Weight: 1 (Kg)

Price: 41.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

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